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Denti Strength™

A Healthy Solution for Teeth & Gums

Denti Strength™ is the natural dental health solution that helps you fight the never-ending bacteria that accumulates in our mouth. As microscopic bacteria eat away at your gums, it's also chewing away at the roots of your teeth and the bacteria will continue to feast spreading almost like a cancer. Denti Strength™ provides you with nutrients that combat the hardest to fight issues by reaching areas where topicals cannot. It has the potential to create a natural cement the repairs and strengthens the bonds of your teeth and helps clean up the effects of toxic metals in your mouth.
Denti Strength™
Denti Strength™

Denti Strength™

A Healthy Solution for Teeth & Gums

Denti Strength™ is a one-of-a-kind, all-in-one solution that strengthens teeth, repairs gums, eliminates bad breath and so much more... Denti Strength™ contains specific high-quality ingredients that have been shown to produce those results, plus all of its ingredients are carefully sourced from around the world to ensure the highest purity and potency available. Just take the recommended dosage each day and watch the health of your teeth and gums dramatically improve!


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To break up existing plaque and tartar


To remove plaque and fight against bacteria and inflammation

Milk Thistle

To clean up and detoxify your mouth

Chanca Piedra

To purify the mouth and assist in the prevention of bleeding and inflammation


To tighten loose gums and strengthen your teeth’s connection to their roots

Beet Root

To stop tooth decay and power up your saliva’s healing properties


To strengthen the crowns of your teeth and to fight against the growth of plaque and bacteria

Burdock Root

To balance the mouth bacteria as well as detoxify your gut

Grape seed extract

To fight off bacteria and help prevent infection

Amino acids

To detoxify and help prevent infections


PhytAge Laboratories uses only the very best ingredients, all of which are manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities, with strict adherence to good manufacturing practices (GMP). We're very confident that you'll love this product, and because of that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

  • 100% American Made
  • Distilled to the highest possible purity
  • Sourced with the finest quality ingredients possible


+ How quickly will I get Denti Strength™ and how will it be shipped?
When you order today, Denti Strength™ will be shipped to your home or office within 7 business days by UPS/FedEx or USPS.
+ How long after taking Denti Strength™ will I feel the full effects?
We recommend giving the product a trial run of at least 90 days for best results, but you should be feeling its effects within 7 days.
+ When should I take Denti Strength™?
As a dietary supplement take two (2) veggie capsules once a day. For best results take 20-30 minutes before a meal with an 8 oz. glass of water or as directed by your healthcare professional.
+ Is it safe?
Denti Strength™ is as safe as a daily multi-vitamin. It is not a medication. It’s a natural product that is safe to use for healthy men and women. However, if you currently have a medical condition or are taking medication, I would show a bottle to your doctor or pharmacist before taking. Pregnant women and youth under 18 should not use.
+ What are the ingredients in Denti Strength™?