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Internal 911: What you need to know about colon health

Colon health may not be normal dinner conversation or neighborly chit-chat but after sitting down with our friend and neighbor Bill, I think it should be. Bill had serious medical complications from an intestinal obstruction that he believes was completely avoidable.

Last week I sat down and interviewed Bill so he could share his story and he could tell you in his words how Internal 911 can save your life too.

Interviewer: Bill, thank you so much for inviting me into your home today and agreeing to share your story with our readers.

Bill: My pleasure John! I know colon health is not the easiest subject to talk about. But I am hopeful that if more people like me talk about their experiences with Hidden Constipation Syndrome maybe more people can get help before suffering the way I did.

Interviewer: What exactly is Hidden Constipation Syndrome?

Bill: Well, basically rotting fecal matter builds up in your colon over time. Yeah, I know it took me a couple of times saying it before I could say it without laughing. If that build up does not get flushed out, the colon can get blocked. When the colon becomes blocked that is called Hidden Constipation Syndrome.

Interviewer: Is Hidden Constipation Syndrome preventable?

Bill: Absolutely! That is what bothers me the most about this stigma that keeps people from talking about colon health. Had I known about colon health or Internal 911 I would have sought treatment so much sooner than I did.

Interviewer: What is Internal 911?

Bill: Internal 911 is an herbal supplement that not only treats Hidden Constipation Syndrome, it also prevents it. I wish someone had told me about Internal 911 when I started having symptoms, I could have avoided the blockage that cased me months of pain and suffering.

Interviewer: What symptoms did you have and what other symptoms should our readers look for?

Bill: For me, the constipation, feeling bloated, and straining to use the restroom where my most significant symptoms. It got to the point where I did not even want to eat I felt to sick afterwards.

Other common symptoms include: decreased bowel movements, relying on over the counter laxatives, and gas.

Interviewer: Did you tell your doctors about your symptoms?

Bill: Yes, but not until it had progressed to the point of constant discomfort. If left untreated, blockages can cause infection, tissue death, and even death.

Interviewer: Death?

Bill: Yes. The colon when functioning properly rids your body of toxins and houses 70% of the good bacteria that makes up your immune system. If the colon becomes blocked, those toxins build up and get dumped into your body and effect your vital organs.

The toxins can cause serious, life-long damage to your lungs, kidneys, heart, and brain. I live in fear that I didn’t find Internal 911 fast enough and that I’ve caused irreparable harm to my body that will haunt me as I grow older.

Interviewer: Did your doctor prescribe you Internal 911?

Bill: You do not even need a prescription for Internal 911 because it is an all-natural, herbal supplement, with no side effects. When I told my doctor about my issues, he first suggested an enema or suppository.

I tried that, but it did not help at all. When I looked into why it was not helping I learned that an enema and suppository only works on the last 8 inches of the colon and your colon is 5 feet long. That means over 4 foot of your colon is unaffected and untreated.

I was pretty disappointed that my doctor would recommend something that was a total waste of my time and money.

When I went back to my doctor he recommended laxatives, but I already knew the potential pitfalls of those and did not want my body to become dependent on laxative use. That was when I decided to take my health into my hands, do my own research, and I found Internal 911.

Interviewer: What made you want to try Internal 911?

Bill: It was the only all natural, over the counter, and safe option that I found. The science behind it just makes sense. The ingredients were specifically selected because of their safe, yet effective colonic effects.

Interviewer: What types of ingredients are in Internal 911?

Bill: It contains powder that is made from plant husks, clay, walnut hull, oat bran, and flaxseeds. These are all healthy, safe ingredients that work similar to a laxative but without the unhealthy side effects. Every ingredient serves a specific purpose and was specifically selected for that purpose. There are no fillers, no cheap alternatives, and every ingredient used is the safest and most effective ingredient for that purpose.

Just recently the Mayo Clinic published a study where they said laxative use actually makes symptoms worse and impairs the colon’s ability to work properly.

Internal 911 does not damage your colon wall and has a unique gentle cleaning action that scrubs away the encrusted fecal matter from your colon wall. It cleans the colon and then keeps it clean.

Interviewer: How long after starting Internal 911 did you start feeling results?

Bill: Within 2 days I felt less bloated and within 5 days I was starting to remember what it felt like to feel well again. When you live in pain and discomfort for so long you almost forget what it feels like to feel healthy.

Interviewer: How long do you need to take Internal 911?

Bill: Well some people only take it for 90 days or so but I have been taking it for six months now and I have no intention of stopping. I am taking no chances with my colon’s health and Internal 911 does not just clean the colon it also keeps it clean.

You cannot clean your house once and then just never clean it again. You have to do routine cleaning and that is what Internal 911 does for my colon.

Interviewer: I think you even mentioned that it is guaranteed when we setting up this interview is that true?

Bill: Yes! Internal 911 comes with a 100% 90-day money back guarantee.

Interviewer: How can our readers get more information and order Internal 911?

Bill: It is super easy, they can visit and learn all about it and order their first shipment.

Interviewer: Do you have anything else that you would like to share with our readers about your experience with Internal 911?

Bill: Yes, do not wait as long as I did. My only regret with Internal 911 is that I did not find it sooner. I knew I was sick and that I needed help but I wanted to ignore it, I wanted my doctor to solve my problems for me. It was only when I took my health into my own hands that I found the answer.

Do not make the same mistakes I did. Start now and get healthy now. If you have any questions please let me know, I want to share my journey with others. Talk about colon health with your friends, families, and neighbors. I know it is not easy but it is necessary. Do not suffer unnecessarily.

Interviewer: Thank you so much Bill for sharing your story with us.

Colon health may not be the easiest subject to bring up at your next dinner party or family gathering but make time for it. It is important and it could prevent unnecessary suffering by your loved ones. Let us all try and take a little bit better care of each other.

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There’s no risk in trying it. Even if you use the entire thing and you’re not happy, they’ll give you all your money back!

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