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Can Damaged Cells be Repaired?

The formation, growth, and recuperation of cells is a normal routine that our body has to go through to keep functioning and performing at optimal.

Cells are the power source that ensures our organs work optimally, which is imperative for healthy living. However, as we age, the process of cell maintenance slows down, which causes a decline in cellular health and leads to health issues and aging.

Although we can’t stop cell maintenance from slowing down, we can delay the process by feeding our cells with a wide range of nutrients to support cell growth and expedite cell repair.

This post intends to discuss ways to advance the cell repairing process effectively.

Besides, we’ll also discuss certain conditions in which cell restoration is possible.

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Now, before we jump to the cell recuperation methods, let’s ‌look at which cell damage is reversible and which is not.

Capacity for Repair

Some tissues show high potency for repair, such as most epithelial tissues, some tissues have a limited or non-existent capacity to regenerate and repair, such as nervous tissues, and most organs have a functional reserve capacity that allows them to continue to perform their bodily functions, albeit at a reduced capacity.

For example,

  •       A person’s liver can be half damaged or compromised due to any reason, yet the body cells can regenerate the new liver or recuperate the compromised section with fibrous replacement to preserve most of the original liver's capacity.
  •       One kidney becomes hypertrophic to compensate for the capacity lost when the other is lost or surgically removed.

Toxic Damage to Cells

Toxic damage to cells and tissues can be temporary and non-lethal, or it can result in cell or tissue death in severe cases.

And sometimes, although the cells or tissues recover from the damage, they no longer function at their optimal.

The study leads us to where you can’t do anything with cells & tissues with non-existence regeneration capacity, however, you can fasten the process of cellular regeneration ‌where cell recovery is possible through overhauling your lifestyle.

Let’s dive into the best methods to repair cell damage:

Incorporate nutrients that support stem cells

To repair cell damage and promote cellular growth, you must incorporate certain foods - nutrients that play a significant role in recovering and healing cells - into your diet.  

Such as cruciferous vegetables, berries, seeds and nuts, eggs, ‌etc. 

Detox Heavy Metals

The proper detoxification of heavy metals such as mercury can have the most dramatic impact on your life.

Heavy metal detox is the most dangerous type of detox that should be considered only after consulting with a health practitioner who has been trained in the proper protocol.

However, when taken care of it professionally, this detox method has the potential to revert your health to an optimal level.

Though there are no such set procedures for mercury detox. Your doctor may carry out the procedure by putting you on meds or through other remedies. 

But one thing is sure that by eliminating metals like mercury, the chances of your cells reparation increases. 

Reduce Grains In Your Means

Yes, this includes cutting down whole grains as well. Why should you cut down grains? It’s because the daily consumption of grains and grain products raises blood sugar levels, hastens aging, and promotes inflammation, all of which contribute to diabetes, weight gain, lowered immunity, hormone imbalance, stem cell inhibition, and other serious health issues.

Grains convert immediately into sugar the moment they become a part of your bloodstream. Hence, they give rise to blood sugar levels.

Also, Gluten-containing grains impair digestion and contribute to the leaky gut syndrome, which occurs when the junctions that make up the gut wall become inflamed, allowing undigested food proteins to leak across and cause systemic inflammation.

We know it’s not easy to eliminate grains from your diet holistically, but at least you can reduce their intake.

You can consume veggie rice, use steamed veggies as pasta, and bake vegetable-based pizza crust.

Avoid drinking water from the Faucet

Water is essential not only for survival but also for detoxifying our bodies from the daily barrage of toxins.

Most people, however, drink most of their water from public water supplies such as the faucet at home, which surprisingly contains major contaminants such as chlorine, fluoride, and mercury, which disrupt our hormones and neurological functioning.

To make matters worse, public water often contains traces of a wide range of pharmaceutical drugs.

So, consider drinking more bottled water or investing in a high-quality water filtration system that can be installed beneath your sink to hydrate and detoxify your body.

Exercise to Boost Stem Cell Activity

You need to exercise to increase the proliferation of stem cells. Aerobic exercise, in particular, has been shown to assist stem cells in converting to the bone rather than fat.

Physical activity and exercise have been linked to the activation, mobilization, and differentiation of different types of stem cells, which could improve organ regeneration and function. 

Consume junk food in moderation

Inflammation suppresses stem cell activity and decreases their ability to produce therapeutic factors. That accounts for the fact that inflammation must be reduced to promote stem cell growth.

So, consume inflammatory foods such as processed foods, soda, and alcohol in moderation.


We can conclude that cell reparation depends upon its capacity to heal. Cells and tissues, such as most epithelial tissues, have healing capacity, while nerve cells can’t be recuperated. 

In this post, we discussed some ‌ways to stop cell damage with immediate effect. We also shed light on ways that help expedite the recuperation process of cells.

So, by following the above procedures, you can repair your cells. And if you want even quicker recovery, then try out PhytAge Laboratories Urgent Cell Repair, which gives your cells the multi-nutritional support needed for "total cellular regeneration."