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How to Naturally Detoxify Your Body

Over the years, you may have heard that people felt gut discomfort, which caused terrible feelings of anxiety because they had a lot caked in the small intestine.

As a result, they’d throw up after taking the meal. They would feel cramps, bloating, gas, or pain as if something was sitting in their belly and never came out, just burning.

And the condition exacerbates, especially in the elderly years. Therefore, individuals with gut discomfort and digestive issues need a complete detox to prune harmful chemicals and bad bacteria out of their guts.

This post intends to shed light on the natural methods to detoxify your body. 

While the natural methods that we’re about to discuss help detox your body at a steady rate, our Internal 911 flushes out intestinal toxins and promotes healthy movements within days.

But before we touch on our handpicked methods, let’s dive into the topic:

Understand Toxins Build Up and Detoxification

We are being exposed to an increasing number of chemicals in our food; the air we breathe, and many of the everyday items we use, such as cosmetics and household cleaners, etc. contain harmful chemicals.

Besides contaminated food & air, our diet routines have changed over the years. And now, we consume more processed food than ever.

All of these put together throw our bodies under constant assault that allows toxins to build up in our system and cause various health problems.

This is where detoxification becomes so important. We want to extract the harmful chemicals and toxins out of our bodies for improved overall body functioning. 

Detoxification naturally sets off in your liver. Your liver essentially does this in two phases; first, it converts toxic substances to highly reactive metabolites, which are then excreted.

Other than the liver, kidneys, lungs, and even the gut, play a pivotal role in detoxification.

But as you age, the continual loading of toxins impaired detox efficiency. Thus, the toxins build up in your body and are stored as fat.

This abdominal fat then secretes toxic substances in your body, which spike blood pressure and cause abrupt changes in blood glucose.

Therefore, you need to carry out a detoxification process to eliminate toxins that build up to optimize the body’s natural detoxification system.

So without further ado, here are the 7 best natural methods to detoxify your body:

1- Load your body with WATERYou need to drink at least 2-2.5 liters of water every day for optimal detoxification.

Hydration is the key to scrubbing out toxin buildup without struggle. When the colon is hydrated, it makes it easy for stool to pass through the tunnel and flush out, not irritate the intestine walls. Besides, it extracts salt and water from the gunk before excreting it, which helps maintain PH levels.

2- Consume the right foodFor optimal detoxification, ‌consume fruits and vegetables rich in essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber.

Regarding vegetables, aim for cruciferous veggies such as broccoli, Brussels sprouts, kale, and cauliflower, which all contain phytochemicals and offer anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer benefits.

These veggies increase glutathione production, which helps the liver detoxify and reduces oxidative stress.

3- Strengthen Your Immune SystemFor a stronger immune system, try to change your lifestyle holistically.

Eat gut-friendly foods & veggies, get quality sleep, keep a check on stress levels, maintain good hygiene, and feed your body with essential nutrients that boost immunity.

You can also check out our immunity 911, which comes prepared with the right composition of all-natural & proven ingredients.

4- Excrete Toxins Through Exercise–You can bank on an easy method to eliminate toxins by exercising. Apart from many obvious benefits, exercising also helps excrete toxins and melt stored fat, provided that you keep a count on calorie intake and calorie burn.

The form of exercise depends on each individual’s preference. Whether you want to make peace with hot yoga, gymming, or high-intensity training, make sure you stay consistent with your workout plan to purify your blood by sweating out.

5- Get Your Daily Dose of Fibre–Fiber is required for food to move smoothly (without scratching the walls) through the digestive tract. A lack of fiber causes constipation. And stool sitting in the colon for too long allows toxins to resorb into the body.

With that, you could experience irregular bowel movements, constipation, blood sugar swings, a lack of satiety, or higher cholesterol levels.

Fiber also feeds gut bacteria, which impacts toxicity. High-fiber foods include berries, chia seeds, almonds, beans, Jerusalem artichokes, barley, and peas.

6- Consume Prebiotic Rich Food - The foundation of gut health is prebiotic - a type of fiber that feeds the good bacteria in your gut. Thanks to Prebiotics, your good bacteria can produce nutrients called short-chain fatty acids, which are beneficial to your health.

Antibiotic use, poor dental hygiene, and poor diet quality can all cause the good bacteria in your gut to become unbalanced with the bad bacteria. Because of this unfavorable shift in bacteria, your immune and detoxification systems may get weakened, increasing your risk of disease and inflammation.

Prebiotic-rich foods can help your immune and detoxification systems. Tomatoes, artichokes, bananas, asparagus, onions, garlic, and oats are all substantial sources of prebiotics.

7- Avoid Processed Foods & Sugars - Obesity and other fatal diseases such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes have long been allied to a high intake of sugary and highly processed foods.

These diseases have a knack for obstructing your body's natural detoxification process by causing impairment to vital organs, such as your liver and kidneys.


In this post, we analyzed the best natural methods to detoxify your body to avert toxin buildup.

We first learned about how toxins build up in our bodies and do internal damage.

Next, we shed light on some of the best detoxification methods that anyone can apply to their lives to improve their overall health.

Based on what we’ve discussed, it suffices to say that to live a healthy life, we must detoxify our bodies regularly.

And since we live busy lives, it’s easy to fall behind in prioritizing our health. This is exactly why PhytAge Laboratories put together internal 911 - an all-in-one supplement to help avoid toxin buildup.