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The Complete Guide To Prostate 911

If you’re a man over 50, there’s a 50/50 chance you’ve suffered from benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) symptoms. The frequent need to urinate, lacking the ability to urinate, getting up in the middle of the night several times to go to the bathroom, the list goes on. Can’t you do anything to regain control of your bladder?

At Phytage Laboratories, we believe individuals’ health should be in their own hands. And we don’t think pharmaceutical companies should be telling you the only way you can continue to enjoy life is by taking their drugs. That’s why we use all-natural, research-backed ingredients to promote overall health.

If you suffer from BPH and feel hopeless in your struggle to regain control over your life, continue reading. This complete guide to Prostate 911 reveals the many ways our natural supplement can help you feel empowered once more. We also reviewed a few natural ways to boost your body’s defenses against an enlarged prostate.

What Is BPH?

There’s no way around it: as we age, our bodies change. For men, some of these changes manifest in the prostate gland, which is a small organ underneath the bladder. This enlargement, otherwise known as benign prostatic hyperplasia, is common in older men.

BPH can cause uncomfortable symptoms such as a frequent need to urinate, nocturia, and urinary tract infections. BPH itself hasn’t been linked to prostate cancer, but the symptoms are very similar. These symptoms can cause significant discomfort, and men shouldn’t feel like they’re alone in their struggles.

That’s why Phytage Laboratories devised a comprehensive formula that focuses on men’s prostate health. Prostate 911 contains research-backed ingredients and nutrients that help stave off the dreaded prostatic aging process.

Our formula aims to help men gain more comfort with their symptoms and reduce their severity. But what causes BPH, and how does Prostate 911 combat these causes?

What Causes BPH?

The primary cause of BPH is age. As men age, their prostate continues to grow. Because prostate glands naturally grow, symptom severity doesn’t necessarily correlate with prostate size.

It’s also not entirely clear what causes the prostate to grow. Some schools of thought believe changes in sex hormones cause enlargement. However, despite there not being a definitive cause of prostate enlargement, a few risk factors can contribute to BPH symptoms.

Aging- Aging is the most common contributing factor to BPH symptoms. These symptoms rarely occur in men under 40. About one-third of men experience symptoms by age 60 and nearly half of all men experience BPH symptoms by the age of 80.

Family History- If you have a blood relative who has experienced BPH, your chances of experiencing symptoms as you age increase.

Diabetes and Heart Disease- Both diabetes and heart disease can contribute to BPH symptoms. Additionally, the use of beta-blockers can also contribute to BPH symptoms.

Lifestyle- Lifestyle is one of the leading contributing factors to BPH. Studies show that being obese increases your chances of BPH. Exercise also decreases the risk of BPH.

What Does Prostate 911 Do?

Prostate 911 works to mitigate BPH symptoms such as blockages in the urinary tract and relieves pressure off the bladder. Prostate 911’s active ingredients like Pygeum are packed with beta-sitosterol, one of the leading natural ingredients used to treat BPH symptoms.

The ingredients in Prostate 911 work hard to reduce your BPH symptoms. In fact, clinical results show that Prostate 911 can reduce patients’ symptoms by an astonishing 353%.

How many times have you gotten up in the middle of the night lately? Do you want better sleep and improved comfort with your prostate? You can experience relief from your prostate symptoms in as little as a week with Prostate 911.

Benefits of Prostate 911

The primary benefit of prostate 911 deals with its effects on enlarged prostate. However, because Prostate 911 contains ingredients that are overall beneficial to your health, you can also improve your cardiovascular health.

Other ingredients in Prostate 911, like Uva Ursi, contain super antioxidants, which eliminate harmful free radicals from your body. When your body does not cleanse itself from free radicals, these molecules can cause damage to cells, glands, and organs.

Lastly, the ingredients in Prostate 911 contain robust amounts of omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids. These nutrients are crucial to optimal brain performance and, along with vitamin E and K, promote healthy prostate sizes. Other Prostate 911 ingredients are natural treatments for UTIs. These ingredients can help prevent kidney stones and urinary tract inflammation.

What Are the Ingredients of Prostate 911?

Now that you know what Prostate 911 ingredients do, let’s review the ingredients in more detail to understand which ingredients lead to which results.


The bark of the African plum tree contains high levels of beta-sitosterol. Beta-sitosterol has long been used to treat cardiovascular issues such as high cholesterol. Because of its similarity to cholesterol, you can prevent additional harmful cholesterol from entering the body when you ingest beta-sitosterol.

Studies have repeatedly shown that taking beta-sitosterol reduces prostate symptom severity. It also reduces urinary flow issues and the frequent need to urinate.

Uva Ursi

Uva Ursi’s primary role in Prostate 911 is to protect the prostate from harmful free radicals. It can prevent oxidative stress from occurring in the prostate gland. One study even found that Uva Ursi can prevent recurring UTIs.

Pumpkin Seeds

These seeds, rich with omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids, are a routine prescription among German doctors. The German Government Health Commission has corroborated these recommendations. Yet, very few American doctors are even aware of the many prostate benefits pumpkin seeds provide.

Nettle Root

Nettle root is a naturally occurring ingredient that uses “irrigation therapy,” a type of cleansing therapy that can improve UTIs and kidney stones. Nettle root also has components that block aromatase, an enzyme that converts testosterone into estrogen.

Is Prostate 911 Safe?

Prostate911 is a non-habit-forming natural supplement with little to no side effects. For the general population, Prostate 911 is entirely safe to take as a daily supplement.

However, since there is no reason for children or women to take Prostate 911, only men over 40 should consider taking this supplement. As with any supplement, you should consult with a doctor before adding Prostate 911 to your diet.

How Should I Take Prostate 911?

Due to its natural ingredients and health benefits, you can take Prostate 911 as part of a healthy diet. You should take it twice a day with water for absorption purposes.

How Long Does It Take To See a Difference From Prostate 911?

Users of Prostate 911 often report noticing results within a week of taking Prostate 911. However, because results vary, you should take Prostate 911 for up to 90 days at the recommended dosage.

Because we at Phytage Laboratories believe in our products’ efficacy, we offer a 90-day money-back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your results within that time, don’t hesitate to contact us for a refund.

Natural Ways To Treat BPH

Taking Prostate 911 works best when you combine it with lifestyle changes that can also help your symptoms. For example, maintaining a healthy diet and exercise regimen decreases your chances of suffering from BPH symptoms.

Some studies have also shown that men who eat more red meat have an increased risk of suffering from BPH symptoms. Other studies show that men with excessive protein diets are at an increased risk for symptoms. The protein the men in the study were eating came mostly from leaner meats, such as fish.

Other natural ways to reduce your risk of BPH symptoms:

  • Low-fat diet
  • Large amounts of fruits and vegetables
  • Limit caffeine and alcohol intake

The best way to protect yourself from developing BPH symptoms is to combine these methods into a sustainable regimen. Maintaining a healthy diet and weight, frequently exercising, limiting your alcohol and caffeine intake, and taking a natural supplement to reduce your symptoms will help reduce the severity of your BPH.

Conclusion- The Complete Guide To Prostate 911

BPH hinders over half of men between 51-60, contributing to their lack of sleep, an inability to urinate, and general discomfort. Some of these men also experience sexual difficulties due to their symptoms, such as painful ejaculation.

Doctors tell these men to “wait it out,” leaving the impression that they don’t have any hope and that their symptoms are untreatable. Prostate 911 offers these men hope.

With our research-backed ingredients and natural approach to overall health, men who take Prostate 911 can not only experience reduced prostate symptoms. They can also enjoy an improved state of living.

With Prostate911, you have nothing to lose besides your BPH symptoms. If you’re not satisfied and not feeling better within 90 days, simply send it back. Aging sucks, but you don’t have to sit and take it. Contact the Phytage Laboratories website today and order your Prostate 911.