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What is PhytAge Labs? 

In the world of nutrition today, there are countless diets, trends, vitamins, and supplements that are marketed to prevent illness and improve your health. But with so many to choose from, how can you tell which ones are really effective? And not only that—which supplements are safe?

Here at PhytAge Labs, we’re dedicated to offering the highest quality health nutrition supplements to help you live a longer and healthier life. Whether you’re dealing with health issues involving blood pressure, joint pain, vision, acid reflux, prostate health, (and more), we have a supplement for you.

We hope that this blog will serve as an introduction to anyone not familiar with our brand or if you simply want to learn more about what we do and our full line of health nutrition supplements. At PhytAge Labs, we develop supplements with only the purest and most organic ingredients that are scientifically proven to be effective. This is our guarantee.


Acid reflux is painful and can cause heartburn, chest pains, and regurgitation. If you regularly experience acid reflux, you’ll need to try our Acid Reflux 911 supplement, which is designed to ease and respond to this condition in your body with all-natural ingredients.


High blood pressure forces your heart to work harder as it pumps blood throughout your body, which can gradually lead to various cardiovascular issues. Get back control of your blood pressure levels with our all-natural health supplement.


Restore the quality of your hearing with our amazing new Clear Sound 911. This organic health supplement cleanses your auditory nerves and can even repair the hairs of your inner ear, which are important for quality hearing function. Our combination of B vitamins, calcium, and zinc, has helped countless people hear the world without missing a beat.


See the world like never before with our Eagle Eye 911 supplement. This nutrition supplement is packed with organic ingredients and lutein to help boost your eye health, reduce irritation, sharpen your focus, and even improve your night vision.


According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), over 34 million Americans have diabetes, with the overwhelming majority suffering fromtype 2 diabetes. Clearly, type 2 diabetes has become a public health crisis, which is why we developed GlucoType 2. With a unique blend of natural ingredients, including zinc, magnesium, biotin, and chromium, this supplement is designed to help you control your blood sugar levels and reduce your risk of developing type 2 diabetes.


Every second of every day, your heart is working hard to circulate blood and oxygen throughout your body. Shouldn’t you do everything you can to protect this vital organ? With our Heart Beat 911 supplement, you can take advantage of this groundbreaking cardiovascular protection that contains one of the most superior sources of omega 3 fatty-acids.


No more than ever, people are realizing the importance of a strong immune system. From fighting off the flu, other viruses like the common cold, and helping your body heal faster, a strong immune system is essential for your core health. Immunity 911 features a blend of over twenty natural ingredients that will boost your immune health and provide protection for your cells.


Purge toxins in a healthy and safe way with our Internal 911 health supplement. Featuring a rare combination of all-natural ingredients, such as black walnut, oat bran, psyllium, this supplement flushes toxins from your body and helps improve your overall intestinal health. This can also aid in digestion and help your body absorb the essential vitamins and nutrients from your diet.


As we grow older, it’s common to experience joint pain, stiffness, and discomfort. But you don’t need to suffer from joint pain needlessly. Our Joint Relief 911 supplement is designed to relieve joint pain and inflammation, allowing you to continue to do the activities you love. Joint Relief 911 cushions and lubricates your joints to provide quick relief.

KETO-T 911

Want to burn fat, improve your physical performance, and sharpen your mind? Then our Keto-T911 supplement will be perfect for you. This nutrition supplement contains three ketones that will provide fuel to your body and brain during periods of low carbohydrate intake and allow you to eat more of the foods you love while still following a traditional Keto diet.


The nervous system impacts almost every part of your body and regulates and controls your sensory experiences, muscle movement, and even your ability to think and reason. These are all reasons to try our Nerve Control 911 supplement to protect and strengthen the health of your nervous system.


In the United States, prostate cancer is the second most common form of cancer for men (following skin cancer). This is why it’s essential for men of all ages to protect their prostate health. Our Prostate 911 health supplement is designed to treat prostate symptoms of all kinds and protect the health of this important gland. With a blend including nettle root , pumpkin seed, and pygeum, this supplement can reduce irritation, improve comfort, and even allow you to get better sleep.


Want to turn back the hands of time? PhytAge Plus is our new anti-aging supplement that gives your skin a smooth, supple, and youthful glow. This supplement combines vitamins with ceramides, which are an important component of the outermost layer of your skin. As we age, our bodies produce fewer ceramides so our skin is less able to retain moisture. PhytAge Plus replenishes your skin with these powerful components to give you that healthy glow that both men and women say makes them look and feel years younger.


By combining magnesium, zinc, fenugreek, and other all-natural ingredients, our Testo 911 supplement is simply unmatched. This health supplement helps to replenish male testosterone levels that may decrease with time. This supplement will take your testosterone to new heights and provide you with more energy throughout the day. Your vigor, confidence, and passion will all receive a boost from these organic ingredients.


The thyroid gland is an important gland in your body, located at the front of the neck, that produces hormones that play a role in controlling heart, muscle, and digestive function. With our thyroid health supplement, you’ll be ensured that your thyroid levels are balanced and maintained to keep your body functioning as effectively as possible. This health supplement combines


Tinnitus, which is commonly experienced as a slight buzzing, ringing, or roaring in the ears, affects millions of people all over the world. Protect and improve your hearing health with our unique Tinnitus 911 health supplement. Through a combination of hibiscus, olive extract, and more, you can naturally relieve tinnitus symptoms.


Need a little extra boost in your day? Our Turbo Boost 911 supplement contains nitric oxide (otherwise known as the “miracle molecule”) that keeps your body vital and strong for years and years to come. Because nitric oxide improves blood flow, this can improve your blood pressure, energy levels, sex drive, reduce inflammation, and ward off insomnia. Truly, there’s nothing this molecule can’t do.


With a unique blend of zinc, iron, biotin, and chromium, this health supplement supports the repair of the trillions of cells in your body to improve overall health and rejuvenate your body.


Urgent Liver 911 is designed to improve the overall health of your liver by flushing out toxins and repairing your liver cells. Over time, certain lifestyle choices can damage your liver. This all-natural supplement, including yarrow, dandelion root, and curcumin, reverses this damage and detoxifies your liver.


Varicose 911 helps to strengthen your vein walls and also provide a boost for your collagen production, which improves your vein health blood flow. This all-natural health supplement can reduce leg itches and aches, prevent skin breaks, and reduce swelling.


In short, yes. PhytAge health supplements are as safe as taking a daily vitamin. These aren’t medications, but rather, natural supplements to boost your health by giving you more of what your body needs. If you do have questions about introducing any health supplements to your diet, consult your doctor or pharmacist.


As you can see, PhytAge Labs has built a solid reputation in the health supplement field by offering a wide range of evidence-backed and organic supplements. We believe that all-natural ingredients supported by scientific research are the most effective and safe way to improve your overall health.

Learn more about us by visiting our website. You can also reach out with any questions by emailing us at or calling our support line at 1-800-822-573. We look forward to the opportunity to help you live a happier and healthier life.